Bradford, VT Oxbow Disc golf Course (finally back)

It feels good to have played again after a long break. I have moved to New Hampshire and in the midst of getting settled etc. have not had time to seek out disk golf courses in the area. Well, yesterday (Saturday) I finally went to Bradford, Vermont and played the Oxbow Course.

I finished 5 over, lost one disk (tie-dyed TeeBird), and found another and promptly lost it too. I was impressed with the course. The first two holes had me convinced that it was like most high school courses, the kind where all the holes are wide open and boring. By hole six I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of shots although still disappointed that most of them were under 300 feet.
Most of the shots were doglegs with lots of trees and I managed to par them all.

Hole 6 starts up the hill (mountain?) and has a small fairway with brush intermingled with new growth on the right-hand side. Somewhere in that brush there is a nice tie-dyed TeeBird, if you find it keep it and enjoy it because I’ll have a new one broken in by then anyway.

Holes 7-10 are on the hill and many of them are over 300 feet. My lasting impression of this part of the course is the view of the mountains to the east. This is by far the most scenic disc golf course I have played.
Hole 7 view:
view from hole 7 at Oxbow

Hole 8 view:
view from hole 8 at Oxbow
Holes 11-18 each have their unique qualities as well.

The Oxbow course is a good mix of different types of shots – not the most challenging course I’ve played but far from the easiest. Probably would be a little intimidating for a newbie and boring for a pro.

My hats off to the designers. Good Job. I’ll be back again with my friends.