Tip #3 Don’t get your disc stuck in the top of a pine tree (the story of 3 rocks, a basketball, and a lot of sticks)

The other day Jon and I went to Prairie Center Park to play a relaxing round of Disc Golf. The thing about Prairie Center is that there are a ton of pine trees everywhere — the kind of pine trees that discs like to get stuck in. Because of this issue Jon and I generally carry a rock in our bags to throw into the trees to retrieve the disc.

On hole four there are a couple of tall pine trees and a small gap to get through so I have been aiming towards the top of the trees in order to give myself the largest hole possible. This time I threw my new Innova Beast directly into the top of the tree on the left and wouldn’t you know it, it settled into the branches just like it was hitting the chains and falling into the basket. The disk was about 35-40 feet up in the tree and could hardly be seen. So Jon pulled out his trusty rock and I went in search of one (I had recently decided that I wasn’t going to carry one anymore) and not finding one I went back. Jon decided he would go look for a rock in another area while I threw the rock for a while. Not too long after he left I threw the rock and it didn’t come back down! Now we were without any rocks so I found a long branch and threw it up at the tree – it got stuck. There was also a Gatorade bottle sitting under that tree and it had a little bit of Gatorade left in it so I threw that until it too stayed up there. Not learning I threw a few more sticks up and each one lodged itself in the tree branches. Then Jon came back with a piece of cement he found on hole eighteen and we threw that for a while. Most of the time we hit branches right around the disc but couldn’t get it to move. I ended up finding another rock and we threw both rocks for about 15 minutes without any luck. I decided we needed something bigger so I scoured a nearby wooded area for some large object. What I found was a partially inflated basketball. It was not a full-sized basketball but was just the right size for me to toss it like a baseball.

At this point Jon and I were taking turns tossing the two rocks and the basketball. We hit the disc and moved it at one point but it hung on tenaciously. Soon thereafter we got another rock and the basketball stuck in the tree. I, believing that the basketball was our best hope for hitting the disc spent an inordinate amount of time throwing our remaining rock at the basketball. When I finally got the ball back we resumed trying to hit the disc. I didn’t hit the disc again with the ball but I did knock the the second lost rock out of the tree, and soon after got the basketball stuck in the tree again.

In the end Jon hit the disc with his rock, it came down and we got the basketball and returned it to its original place. The moral of the story is: don’t get your disc stuck in a pine tree!

So what adventures have you had in disc golf?

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