Tip #2 Learning to throw

This last Tuesday I had the opportunity to play the Prairie Center Park Course here in Olathe, KS. While I was playing I caught up with Dave, who is from the Kansas City, MO side and just picked up disc golf this summer because his daughter taught him the basics. He got the bug, and even though she is off at college now he still goes out to play.
By now you might be wondering what that has to do with learning how to throw. Well as Dave and I were playing he began to ask me about how I throw. That gave me the idea to try to write it down and put it on my site so that anyone who happens along looking for information about how to throw just might get something useful out of it. This is a much bigger subject than what I cover below so this time I’m just going to focus on three general throwing tips and leave the specific techniques up to you. Next time I will talk more about specifics of my throw.

1. Don’t try to throw it hard.
Most people’s inclination is to try to throw the disc as hard as they can. I can tell you that the harder I try to throw the worse I do.
2. Practice
It is important to take some time to practice your throw. Find an open field somewhere and practice throwing until you feel comfortable and confident.
3. Relax
Try to be as relaxed as you can when throwing.

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