I tied a my personal best on The Rand Park Course in Keokuk, IA on Saturday

I had the opportunity to travel back home this weekend to visit friends and family. My Parents, my brother and his son, and my future brother and sister-in-law all went to play a relaxing round of disc golf at Rand Park in Keokuk, IA. I love it when a whole group of us get to go play together because it gives us an opportunity to visit while getting excercise (and I get to show off my mad DG skills). I had a wonderful round so let me take a moment to brag about it: I finished the round at 8 under par (-8). That ties my personal best on that course. Rand Park is a fairly short and not a super difficult course (read: good for beginners and still a challenge for moderate players). My ongoing goal is to play the course at -12 and I’m sure I will do it someday.

I am a firm believer in setting score goals for myself before I play a round. I usually play a course 4 or 5 times to get a feel for how it plays and then I set a score goal at least 2 better than my best round to that point. It can really make a difference in how quickly I lower my scores on a course. Sometimes I have “one of those days” where nothing goes right and my score is worse than it ever has been, but in general I tend to focus better, putt better, and drive straighter when I have a goal in mind.

3 thoughts on “I tied a my personal best on The Rand Park Course in Keokuk, IA on Saturday”

  1. Right on man. It feels awesome to break personal bests. I myself finally shot even par the other day at a very long and difficult course here in Clearwater Florida. Cliff Stevens is the name of the course. Well I just stumbled across this post and thought I’d say what’s up.

  2. Randy – I hope all is going well. I came across this site and am so happy that you are promoting the sport. I was reading the above article and wanted to let you know that I was playing in a tournament in Rand Park on July 4th and shot a -11 the first round. Everytime I play in a tournament at Rand Park or Wildcat Springs I always hope that you will be home and will be there to play in it too. When you travel back to Wayland, make sure to email me and we will play a round at Rand Park if I am back for the weekend as well. Email me and let me know what is new.

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