I tied a my personal best on The Rand Park Course in Keokuk, IA on Saturday

I had the opportunity to travel back home this weekend to visit friends and family. My Parents, my brother and his son, and my future brother and sister-in-law all went to play a relaxing round of disc golf at Rand Park in Keokuk, IA. I love it when a whole group of us get to go play together because it gives us an opportunity to visit while getting excercise (and I get to show off my mad DG skills). I had a wonderful round so let me take a moment to brag about it: I finished the round at 8 under par (-8). That ties my personal best on that course. Rand Park is a fairly short and not a super difficult course (read: good for beginners and still a challenge for moderate players). My ongoing goal is to play the course at -12 and I’m sure I will do it someday.

I am a firm believer in setting score goals for myself before I play a round. I usually play a course 4 or 5 times to get a feel for how it plays and then I set a score goal at least 2 better than my best round to that point. It can really make a difference in how quickly I lower my scores on a course. Sometimes I have “one of those days” where nothing goes right and my score is worse than it ever has been, but in general I tend to focus better, putt better, and drive straighter when I have a goal in mind.